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Heated plaid Grey - 180 x 130 cm

Heated plaid Grey - 180 x 130 cm

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Our innovative heated plaid has an integrated heating system that provides gentle, comforting warmth. With adjustable temperature settings, it adapts perfectly to your personal preferences. Its elegant design and luxurious texture make it the ultimate cold-day comfort essential. Integrated technology ensures even heat distribution, surrounding you with a soothing warmth. Enjoy a warm, cozy experience with this plaid that combines functionality and style.


Electric over blanket
Material: 230g flannel fleece with surface quilted
Controller: 6 or 9 Heat Settings with timer
Plug: EU plug+2M Cord
Safety: Overheat Protection, over current protection
Edge Sewing: binding
Package?mail box+ Carton
Connector: Detachable
Heating Element: double helix heating wire Certificate: CE/ROHS

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